At Long Last, the Best Nachos in India

Gradually all of us are adapting to the various Western dishes and enjoying the wide range of flavors that it has got to offer. But, one dish that has extremely grabbed our attention is nachos. These chips like, nachos are nothing but a treat to your soul and taste.

What else could be better than tortilla chips covered by mince and dipped in cheese sauce? Nothing, right? That's what nachos are for.

The history of nachos goes way back in 1943 when Ignacio Anaya actually discovered it. It consisted of melted cheese and jalapeno peppers.

Nachos is regarded to be one of the healthy evening snacks. However, most people often question what the nutritional component of nachos is? Determining the nutritional composition may be a little difficult because it is entirely dependant upon the type of cheese, jalapeno peppers, and the number of tortilla chips used in it. Initially, the popularity of nachos spread around Texas and moved on to Southwest and then the world. After the invention of Anaya, people came up with their own versions of nachos. Soon by 1976, nachos became a commercial product and was heavily marketed.

Not many may know about this but every year, October 21 is celebrated as the world Nachos day. So, nachos lovers, you know you've got a day to celebrate more and that too for your love. Every year nachos competitions are held too. Till 2010, Anaya's son presided over the competition as a judge.

Gradually, Mexican dish nachos gained popularity at an immense rate. Nachos can offer a lot of fats, sodium, and calcium as per the daily recommended level. So, you can definitely dive into these by being Befikar. Nachos are healthy so you don't need to worry about the consequences. You can easily indulge in them. After all, a bowl of nachos does no harm.

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