Does it really matter when you eat?

There is a significant difference between what you eat and when you eat. You may have often heard this from people. More than healthy snacks eating, people are concerned about the time of eating. While some believe one can sleep for a long time at night and less during the day, others say that you should eat more during the day and less during the night. They believe that it helps to maintain the energy level.

Scientists too are of the view that the time of eating has an impact on your health. Over time, studies have shown that disturbing the circadian rhythm of the body and eating meals late at night can prove to be harmful to your overall health. It can eventually lead to weight gain and disturbed metabolic system of the body.

Other studies show that one should consume healthy snacks online for a duration of 8-10 hours. This is considered to be healthy and helps to boost up the metabolism of the body. Basically, one should prefer eating breakfast during the early parts of the day and then the last night during the early evening.

Eating more during the early parts of the day can prove to be extremely beneficial for physical and mental health. Eating late during the evening can lead to uneasy symptoms because of the disrupted circadian rhythm. The body clock gets disturbed eventually leading weight gain.

During the day, insulin is released by the pancreas in the body. This helps in maintaining the blood sugar level. The enzymes released helps in benefiting the gut bacteria. This system functions on a routines basis. Disruption of your eating habits eventually leads to disturbed metabolism.

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