Healthy and tasty snacks for your body & mind. Let’s reimagine junk snacks again with Befikar!

When it comes to food, taste, and health have always been poles apart. Ever since our early childhood days we have realized, our tongue always has a thing for junk food. It's not that our body and mind do not prefer to eat healthily. In fact, just like we end up paying annual gym fees for every new year, we often commit to a healthy diet and proper nutrition intake every time we think about our life goals. But somehow this never happens, right? Healthy snacks taste “awful” (inverted commas to stress on my face expression)! No matter how much our body and mind get in line, our tongue stands to be the final decision-maker. And yes, our tongue has a thing for junk snacks as junk snacks taste “yummy”! True, isn’t it?

Now, some fun facts! Did you know every 4 out of 5 people in Delhi suffer from a vitamin deficiency? Did you know 84% of vegetarian diets are protein deficient? Did you know millions of people in India suffer iron deficiency anemia due to poor diet? While as the Indian snacking industry grows linearly, the consumption of pills for lack of body nutrition grows exponentially. Never thought of such repercussions when buying a packet of chips, right?

Let’s rediscover junk snacks all over again. Befikar introduces “HUNK” - healthy alternative to junk snacks. Now, every bite of Befikar snacks is filled with essential nutrients to revitalize our daily body needs. Befikar khakhras are rich in vital vitamins like B12, B9, D and many more to ensure our body stays breezy fresh with just two khakhras in the morning or evening. High protein peanuts fit your gym goals with all-natural, high protein snack with extremely low fat. This is not the end. Popcorn, nachos, khakhra chips, and many such products fulfill our morning and evening hunger cravings with tasty yet healthy snacking options. Furthermore, all these products now fit our grocery budgets. What are we waiting for? Let’s take a dive into this deep indulgence of taste with the goal of making our family and the world around a healthy place. Order your share of healthy snacks online today!