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The holiday season is just few weeks away and we just can't control our excitement. This holiday season calls for a lot of fun, madness and adventure. By adventure, we mean hitting the roads and going on long trips in a car with friends, family or whoever you want to go with. But will you be able to carry on throughout the journey without snacks? Well, no. As a result, you should prefer indulging into something healthy and yet something fun. Thus, Befikar comes to your rescue by bringing in a range of healthy snacks online.

So, what can you try? Just take a glimpse at the list mentioned below and get what you take along with you.


Nothing can be better and healthier than fresh fruits when it comes to road trip snacks. You don't necessarily need to carry anything heavy with you. Just a box of banana, Apple and grapes would suffice for everything.


Befikar has a variety of nuts. Also, nuts are one of the healthy snacks that you can find online. These are rich in healthy fats, protein and fiber. The combination of these three will help you stay full for a longer duration of time. Undoubtedly, you can munch on nuts all day, just make sure you are aware of the portion size.


You can grab a packet of popcorn and hit the roads. If you're on the roads it is better to avoid the packet of buttery popcorn's. You can choose the salted ones. Not only are these tasty but healthy as well. Popcorn's are a great source of fiber and carbohydrate, which keeps you full for long.

Bar of chocolate

You should never say no to chocolates. Having dark chocolates while travelling can save you against the risk of any unhealthy habit.

Khakhra Chips

A packet of khakhra chips are just what you need when you want to begin the road trip. These are healthy and nutritious.

Befikar aims at making all the healthy snacks online, healthy and nutritious. You get a number of options and you can choose whatever you like.

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