High Scoring Snacks for Game Day

Feeling hungry in the midst of gaming is common for all of us. However, more than common, it is frustrating. To bring about a balance between our food craving and gaming session is one difficult task to do. But, the good news is there are many healthy snacks online as well as offline that can help to beat your craving for food. There are a number of snacks you can try out while playing the game.


This is one of those snacks which increases your hunger itself. If you say you do not like pizza, do you even have any friends? The slices of the pizza are already in your plate and you just need to take the notes while you're playing the game.


Nachos from Befikar are a favourite snack for gamers. You can find these healthy snacks online from Befikar. The nachos flavoured with Indian spices is an absolute delight.

French Fries

These potato crisps flavoured with salt are easy to prepare. You can either prepare these at your home or purchase a pack of French fries online. Do not spare yourself from playing the French fries with some ketchup for better benefits.


You know you love pretzels if you're having them all day. These pretzels prove to be the best healthy snacks online if you're having them salted. Just ensure to keep enough water by your side.


From elders to kids, everyone is in love with Nutella and you just cannot deny its benefits. This is because the Nutella is enriched with peanut and cocoa. These are extremely tasty and can be enjoyed with bread. Just spread some Nutella on the bread and keep it by your side when you are eating. Nothing can be tastier than this.


You can prepare a pack of nuggets or purchase a pack from the market. If you are playing the game all throughout the day, nuggets can prove to be one efficient option for snacking.

No matter what snacks you're taking in, you should keep a glass of water by your side to ensure health along with satisfying cravings. #befikar #snacks #game