Quick and easy recipes you can try for Lunchbox

Your lunch ensures your health. However, it may be hard finding the right nutritious meal for your child. Even if not that, you should prefer getting a healthy snack online for yourself. You may find it tough preparing a lunch box but then you can easily try certain recipes. Some of the most prominent lunch box ideas that you can try for your kid and yourself include:

The chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

These cookies not only please the kids but also make your kids stay full for a long time. The choco chip oatmeal cookies are very healthy for your intestine.

Apple and cinnamon scroll

You can prefer serving these delicious scrolls to your kids when they are hungry. However, if your kid is going to the school, you can put the cinnamon rolls in your box. You can easily store these in a refrigerator so it is not necessary that you use it up all at once.


Are you looking forward to treating yourself with some healthy and delicious lunch? You can try including nachos in your lunchbox. The crispy taste mixed with natural flavorings is one of the most efficient snacks to try.

Tooty fruity balls

These are an absolute treats for yourself and your kids. These fruity bites are perfect for a proper lunch or parties. Moreover, these are healthy since they are full of marshmallows, fruit, and Chocolate. Undoubtedly, these are very tasty.


When it comes to healthy snacks, you cannot miss out on the delicious popcorns by Befikar. These are prepared naturally and are very beneficial for your overall health. You can choose to add some butter and salt for some extra taste. Popcorns can help you stay full for a long time.

The right choice of popcorn will be an effective addition to your lunchbox. You should choose from Befikar since you get a wide range of tasty and healthy snacks.

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