Snack like a Boss on Gujarati Cuisines

Gujarati dishes happen to be one of the best and oldest cuisines in the Indian tradition. While many consider non-vegetarian to be tasty, but when it comes to Gujarati cuisines, there is a list of vegetarian dishes you can indulge on.

From khakhras to chutneys, all these have had a high nutritional value which can help you stay healthy. Gujarat has a coastal climate which is why tomato, sugar, and lemon is extensively used in the cuisine. You can set out to purchase a list of healthy snacks online for better convenience.


When it comes to Gujaratis, Khandvis has proven to be one of the best dishes. It is made of Patuli or Dahiwadi and the gram flour is used to prepare the Khandvi. You can spice up with some extra flavorings and sesame seeds for a better flavor. You just need to know how to prepare these.

Aam Shrikhand with mango salad

Gujaratis are extremely famous for their sweet dishes with a hint of sourness in it. Aam Shrikhand with mango salad is one of the best dishes that can flavor up your whole mouth. You can prefer to get all the supplies for preparing this. Some of the prominent things that you will be requiring include cream cardamom powder, condensed milk, chopped mangoes, and sugar. You can choose to garnish the dishes with pistachios.


If you have followed Gujarati cuisine for a long time, Khakhra happens to be one of the most famous dishes among the people. Khakhra is crunchy and very much the same as papad. You can choose to spice up your dish as per your requirement and enjoy your food. Gujaratis usually prepare khakhra in their home, but you can purchase these healthy snacks online from Befikar.


Dhokla happens to be one of the most famous Gujarati dishes. It is a bit spongy in nature and is made of daal. You can choose to pour some chutney over it and enjoy it.

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