What kind of a snacker are you?

All of us love food when it comes to snacking. The only difference is our preferences vary from one to another. Also, the time for our snacking varies whether we munch in our food throughout the night or the day gazers. We have our sweet tooth while some of us love munching on the spicy food.

Here are a few snackers, really more to find out what kind are you.

Timely snackers

There are a number of people who prefer snacking at a particular time. By this we mean, do you prefer sneaking into your kitchen at a certain period of time to fulfill your craving? Like most of the people prefer snacking either during mid-morning, mid-afternoon or evening. If you're one of those people who prefer indulging into time snacking, you can prefer having a list of items such as khakhra and groundnut-inshells. These are the perfect, healthy snack options that blend with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedules.

All-day snacker

While there are timely snackers, most of us are all-day snackers. These are the kind of snackers who just can't resist their extreme urge for the food. Most of the time these all-day snackers get confused about what they had for a meal and what they had for snacks. Leave alone this factor, often people tend to skip their meals since they munch on the snacks all day long. The timing for meal and snacks seem just so blurred out. When you are an all-day snacker, you always need those instant snacks by you. Some of the prominent snacks that are a major favorite among all-day snackers include popcorns, peanuts, and all. Moreover, peanuts are extremely healthy only if you indulge in them for a limited time. Take a power dose of Befikar's high protein peanuts every 3 hours and keep your inner battery charged! :)

Emotional snackers

Most of us these days are emotional snackers. When we have a bad day, stress, and anxiety, all of us run to have snacks. If you consider eating in such stressful situations, then you are surely one strong emotional snacker. Nonetheless, if you continue doing this it may turn out to be one unhealthy habit. For all emotional souls, popcorn is the best product we can have. Keep munching and embrace the rollercoaster journey of your life.

Occasional snacker

When it comes to dedicated snackers, not all of us are of this type. Occasional snackers are the ones who indulge in foods anytime irrespective of the habit. Most people also prefer this because of their nutritional requirements. The guilt of eating junk can be killed by preferring healthy, fortified snacks such as mineral-rich nachos or vitamin-rich khakhra chips. They taste the same and contain high doses of daily nutrition.

Befikar is one such company that manufactures snacks irrespective of your need. No matter what kind of a snacker you are, you can always rely on Befikar to kill your urge.

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